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With the vast development of Taiwanˇ¦s industry and hi-tech industry over the near decade, the need for highly sophisticated marine engineer planning has also firmly increased. From industrial pipeline installments, near-shore industrial environment evaluations, cross-nation optic fiber cable deployments, to reservoir designs and many others. In respond to these needs, Global Aqua Survey was established with the backbone of Taiwanˇ¦s finest marine research facility NTUIO (National Taiwan University Institute of Oceanography) and the input of highly experienced professionals from the marine industry.


From Bathymetric single-beam to multi-beam echo sounder systems, side scan sonar systems, high-resolution sub-bottom profiling systems, and underwater video equipments. Global Aqua Survey possesses a full range of sonar equipments along with the experiences of utilizing all these instruments to maintain our quality and high accuracy.
Global Aqua Survey provides you with our utmost services. Starting from preliminary project planning, providing survey equipments, system setup, data acquisition, data post processing, mapping, integration and interpreting of analyzed data.